Overtime Collective Action Lawsuits

A collective action is a lawsuit filed against an employer on behalf of all similarly situated employees, but in the name of a single person. Attorneys often advise filing a collective action lawsuit when filing on behalf of a single worker is impractical or may not generate enough interest on behalf of the company to pay attention to the problem and pay damages and attorney’s fees. If attorney’s fees are paid by the employer in a settlement, then the workers may have a greater recovery.

Collective actions involving overtime pay are more common when:

  • The illegal practice is part of the employer’s general policy
  • The illegal practice causes underpayment for many employees.

Every employee covered in the collective action shares in the result of trial or settlement.

As a result of the efforts of Alan Crone and the other lawyers at The Crone Law Firm, PLC, the settlement class of employees received 100% of all overtime due.

For many reasons, employers do not want the negative publicity resulting from admitting that the company underpaid its employees and demand that a settlement paying employees back pay must be “confidential.” Several of The Crone Law Firm, PLC’s class action lawsuits have resulted in favorable, but confidential settlements.

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