Basic Wage Standards

Workers are entitled to a minimum wage of not less than $5.15 an hour. This may vary by state.

Wages are due on the regular payday for the pay period covered. Deductions other than taxes from wages cannot be made if employers reduce wages below the minimum wage rate or reduce the amount of overtime pay due.

There are a number of employment practices that federal law does not regulate. These include:

  • Vacation, holiday, severance, or sick pay
  • Meal or rest periods, holidays off, or vacations
  • Overtime pay for weekend, nights or holiday work
  • Pay raises or fringe benefits
  • Commissions over the standard amount
  • A discharge notice, reason for discharge, or immediate payment of final wages to fired employees
  • The number of hours in a day or days in a week an employee may be required or scheduled to work, including overtime hours, if the employee is at least 16 years old